Hi, I'm Liane Colico

And this is my Illustrated Journal where I reflect on the things that matter most (or sometimes even the most trivial) one drawing at a time.

For me, art isn’t about capturing a scene in a picture-perfect likeness.
My approach is to render onto paper each moments and ideas the way I see it – no matter how wonky and messy they may be.

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Reading List

"Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are." —Mason Cooley

My degenerative disease may have confined me home most of the time but with a book on hand, my mind wanders as far as any abled body could.

If you’re looking for suggestions, here’s my collection of all the books I’ve read over the years.

Items Done Creatively

Wearable and decorative prints designed with a strong sense of purpose made available for everyone to purchase.